How we do it

Elegant gloves

Leather gloves are a very elegant accessory to use both to protect your hands from the cold and to express your personality and character. Those who choose leather gloves are strong people with clear and decisive ideas. Our gloves are made, in fact, thinking of the men and women who will wear them. The creation starts from the choice of high quality materials.

The leather is purchased in the chrome state and then treated and finished by our master glove makers. The second phase requires that the leather is dyed with non-toxic products and then softened with moisture to be cut more easily. The finishes are done with hand stitching without the use of glues or other substances.
Leather gloves can be of various shapes and different models. We also create gloves enriched with details such as laces, studs and rhinestones. In our company we also create gloves in other materials such as silk or cashmere.